Things to be done before hand:

3 weeks prior to Sleepover- Type up invitations and give to KK along with the Space Shuttles for her to deliver to each class.

Friday before unit starts- Hang planet banners, send home Intro letter, Pillow homework letter, Family Night RSVP letter (donations)

Remind your team that everyone needs to take their student's pictures in the astronaut suit for the Slideshow. Aks if anyone is willing to put the slideshow together to be playing at the breakfast. KK has a bin of Sleepover stuff she will give to you. The suit, banners, and invitation Space Shuttles are in there.

Contact Rob Wojczyk @ He likes to come dressed as a Storm Trooper. He used to work for Landstar, so that's how we knew him, however, he no longer works for them, but still loves doing this for the kids

Discuss with your team if you'd like to plan for lunch for the resource team.

Contact Carolyn Swidorsky to ask if her husband would be interested in bringing his telescopes to Family Night for students to observe planets and stars. This year, the kids were able to see Jupiter and it's 4 moons, as well as, the craters in the moon.

*Don't forget to give schedules to Mrs. Phillips and Julie once centers have been set in stone.

General Checklist:


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