Planet Facts:
  • 15 known moons with many more in the rings
  • gray moons, many believe they are made out of graphite which is what pencils are made of
  • 11 rings
  • giant gas planet with a rocky center
  • very,very cold because it is so far from the sun
  • 7th planet from the sun
  • has a blue glow
  • part of the outer planets
  • discovered 1781
  • Uranus means Ice Giant
  • Uranusearth.GIF14 times larger than Earth
  • same size as Neptune
  • rotates on its side, scientist believe that is was "whacked" by a planet size object that made it go on its side
  • takes Uranus over 80 Earth years to orbit once around the sun
  • Symboluranus.GIF symbol for Uranus Video

Planet Activities:
  • How does Uranus fit in the solar system?
Edible Solar system
Make the solar system with different candies. It doesn't get the true size difference but does bring out some characteristics. You can either draw your orbits on black construction paper or a paper plate.
Sun- butterscotch, Mercury- orange jujube; Venus- Nestle's sno caps; Earth- blue Skittle; Mars- red Skittle; asteroid belt- candy sprinkles; Jupiter- peppermint with red hot stuck on top; Saturn- lemon drop with twizzler wrapped around; Uranus- green Jujube; Neptune- aqua Skittle; Pluto- tart n tiny. Can also use sweet tarts and mini M&Ms

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Uranus Facts
Weather on the Planeturanus.jpg
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